OneLock instantly solves your classroom access headaches - and helps you prepare for campus emergencies

Flexible, Convenient, and Easy to Use

Shared Classrooms

Easily manage and track teacher access to shared spaces like computer labs, art studios and music rooms, and instantly unlock classroom doors from anywhere on campus.

Disaster Preparation

Prepare your staff to respond to potential emergency situations like earthquakes and tornadoes in seconds, staying organized and coordinated throughout the whole campus.

Secure Resources

Easily manage and track access to computer carts, athletic equipment, utility closets, and any other storage spaces that are important to keep secure and share correctly. 

Temporary Access Passes

Provide temporary or limited building access for construction crews, teacher subs, or parent volunteers - and easily revoke permission when it is no longer needed.

OneLock integrates with other facilities solutions like cameras, fire alarms, and intercoms - just ask us how

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